Café of the Week: Avenue Road Café

Few cafés in Mosman can compete with Avenue Road Café for the title of perennial classic. Operating in the heart of Mosman, one would be hard tasked to find a local who hasn’t frequented this suburban veteran. With numerous shifts in ownership and management over the previous years; Taran, Mint and their crew have struck the right chord by offering fantastic breakfast and lunch menus, backed up with consistent high-quality service for a long time now. 

Opening at 6am seven days a week, Avenue Road’s extensive and flexible menu should certainly be in the start of a good day’s blueprint. Word through the grapevine is their Bacon & Egg Roll may be second to none in the area. No need for any turf wars to be started, but good to be in the conversation nonetheless. The attention and expertise committed to their Double Roasters Coffee is upstaged only by the quaint vintage spoons that are served alongside; a unique touch that can’t go unnoticed. The café's ‘Breakfast Any Way’ approach with all the available sides imaginable shouldn’t be underappreciated, as the only thing worse to hear other than the alarm in the morning is “no changes to the menu”. 

To locals, Avenue Road Café would have to be considered more than a café. Whether it be the social club feeling it imparts, the ever-changing menu that continues to excite and invite, or the steady stream of people passing by the theatre of outdoor seating that makes for excellent people-watching, Avenue Road's appeal calls to visitors from near and far.