Café of the Week: Celsius Coffee Co.

Rare is the café that can call a ferry wharf home, even more so when it boasts an all-day menu as unique at the one found at Celsius Coffee Co. Nestled on the quiet harbour foreshore of Kirribilli, Celsius has a loyal following due to their great coffee and deliciously dynamic food. Wide windows with views of sparkling seas and passing ferries makes it easy to understand why there always seems to be a queue of people waiting to soak up everything Celsius has to offer. 

It would be a trip best planned in the early morning or mid-week for brunch, for those who gamble on showing up for brunch on the weekend may be playing the waiting game for a while.  In saying that, who doesn’t love games, and perusing the menu couldn’t be a better encouragement to stick it out. 

The benefits of Celsius offering an all-inclusive all-day menu to their patrons takes away the frustration of trying to beat the breakfast cut-off, meaning it's also perfectly acceptable at Celsius to have waffles for lunch. Furthermore, all options on the recently updated menu are optimal for sharing amongst friends, so it's definitely worth putting a few things in the middle and trying as much as one can. 

Dishes to note are Celsius’ famous Waffles with berries, maple syrup, toasted nuts and peanut butter cream, a creation that is a visual masterpiece. For something unique, The Angus Beef Brisket Burger, a fusion spin on a classic and well and truly a Nomad favourite.

Celsius Coffee Co has the same effect every time we visit; the visual awe at the surroundings combined with the brilliant quality and detail put into every dish from a floating kitchen on the harbour, makes this spot a truly unique café.