Café of the Week: Flower Child

For me, a café in a mall is normally a red flag! The Grounds-inspired Flower Child Café at Westfield Warringah Mall is a welcome exception to this rule.

Located outdoors in the mall's ground floor courtyard with views of a sprawling water feature, the freestanding circular structure features an open plan kitchen, whitewashed timber and a colourful, floral-textured interior giving the space a peaceful, tropical feel.

The all-day menu is filled with tasty, innovative options such as Coco pop Waffles - Belgium waffles, Coco Pop anglaise, raspberry jelly, fresh and freeze dried banana, dark chocolate crumb, baked pecans served with vanilla ice cream & Canadian maple syrup, or the Tropical Chia Pudding with House Baked Granola - the Grounds house baked granola with coconut chia pudding, toasted coconut, coconut jelly, tropical summer fruits and agave nectar. There are plenty of egg dishes, healthy salads and burgers too.

The Grounds House Roasted Coffee provide smooth, single origin coffee and the Grounds Bakery deliver fresh bread, pastries and cakes each morning so you know it's going to be good! 

P.S. For those who love a turmeric latte, the one at Flower Child is delicious!